Best Photo 2016
Friday and Saturday, August 17 and 18, 2018
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 Photo by Tara Chumsae, Hubbardston
"Best Photo of the 2016
Hardwick Fair"

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Parking: Please consider parking at the Eagle Hill School, 242 Old Petersham Road, Hardwick. FREE Shuttle service will be available to and from the Fair on Friday and Saturday at frequent intervals. Handicapped parking will be available at the Universalist Church and adjacent to Police Command Center at Corner of Barre Rd and Rt 32A.

Registration of all exhibits will take place on Thursday night from 7-9 and Friday 9 am - 2:30 pm at the registration table on the Common, with the exception of the Literary Competition.

Exhibit halls will be closed to the public for judging on Friday, August 17th at 2:30 PM, so be sure to enter your exhibit(s) prior to this time. All exhibits must remain in place until Saturday, August 18th, 3:00 PM. Youth exhibits are for boys and girls 16 years of age and under as of January 1, 2018, unless otherwise stated.

A person shall not offer for exhibit any item not produced and/or prepared by him/herself, or any item previously entered in the Hardwick Community Fair. An exhibitor shall make only one entry in a given class. The only exception to either of these rules is in certain livestock classes.

New classes may be listed and judged at the discretion of the Committee Chairperson, provided there are three or more entries. Undesirable quality exhibits and those not properly entered will not be accepted. The committee, judges, and Fair management reserve the right to reject any and/or all exhibits they determine to be undesirable.

Placing is awarded on the basis of quality of exhibit, and the decision of the judge(s) is final.

Final prize money will be allocated to exhibitors based upon money available and total number of points earned. Any interpretation of these rules rests with the Fair’s Board of Directors. Unless otherwise stated, all prizes will be: 1st – 3 points, 2nd – 2 points, and 3rd – 1 point.

All fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, eggs, baked goods, and hay will be auctioned at the end of the fair on Saturday, August 18th at 3:30 PM. All Fair exhibitors should read the rules as given in the premium list and follow the premium list exactly.

All booths and concessions must be approved by July 27, 2018 by the Fair’s Board of Directors and must be accompanied by a signed contract and full payment. For information, please call 413.477.6449, or write to the Fair at P.O. Box 1, Hardwick, MA 01037.

Livestock exhibitor standards: It is recognized that in classes of livestock, exhibitors have standards of dress that have been accepted by the industry. Examples are white shirts, white or tan slacks, skirts, or dresses. NO shorts or bathing attire will be allowed. A solid, durable shoe must be worn at all times. NO sandals, clogs, sneakers, or bare feet will be allowed. Please refer to the 2018 Fair Animal Health Rules for livestock rules in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These are posted at:

Click here to download registration entry cards for Adult Exhibitors.
Click here to download registration entry cards for Youth Exhibitors.
NOTE: You will still need to check in at the registration table with your cards.

The Hardwick Community Fair, Inc. will not be responsible for loss or damage to exhibits, or injury to animals or persons.

NO DOGS ARE PERMITTED AT THE FAIR unless they are a service animal. Owners must provide appropriate tags or certification reflecting that registration and vaccines are current. Thank you!