Best Photo 2016
Friday and Saturday, August 17 & 18, 2018
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 Photo by Tara Chumsae, Hubbardston
"Best Photo of the 2016
Hardwick Fair"

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No animal is to be unloaded until the animal and its paperwork have been inspected and approved for entry. All animals must be accompanied by a valid health certificate, dated Jan. 1, 2018 or later, and signed by an accredited veterinarian certifying that the animals are clinically free of infectious or contagious disease and exposure from such disease. Certificates must be on veterinarian’s letterhead stationery, which clearly identifies contact information for the veterinarian signing the certification. Certificates written on plain paper are not acceptable.

Please click here to download a complete copy of the Animal Rules and Regulations as specified by the MA Department of Agricultural Resources.

*Show management states that an in-state Coggins must be within 12 months, out of* *state 6 months. ***While not required, it is strongly recommended that all equines be vaccinated for rabies, tetanus, and EEE within one year of the fair.