Best Photo 2016

 Photo by Tara Chumsae, Hubbardston
"Best Photo of the 2016
Hardwick Fair"

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On the Common Hardwick, Massachusetts

The 256th Hardwick Fair is dedicated to Jeanne Hanson.

Conducted by the Hardwick Community Fair Association, Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization,
with assistance from the Calvin Paige Agricultural Fund and other local organizations.

August 17 & 18, 2018
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 © 2018 Hardwick Community Fair Association

3rd Annual Home Brew Contest

The homebrew contest will allow our local home brewers to show off their talents. This annual event will have two classes: lagers and ales. Entries will be judged by a panel using a standardized judging sheet evaluating aroma, appearance, flavor, and mouthfeel for the chosen style of beer entered. All entries must include a list of ingredients and alcohol %. NO COMMERCIAL BREWERS, PLEASE. Click here for complete details.

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President's message:
The Hardwick Fair is a place where old-timers and newcomers gather to renew old friendships and acquaintances; many traveling great distances. It is a traditional Colonial-style country fair with an agricultural theme . . . check out the program. The Common has a variety of activities; many free and others inexpensive, bringing together a blend of old and new. It's a family event where children can enjoy themselves and so can their parents, without emptying their pockets. Check out the Kids Only section for details and a schedule of events, like the Frog Jumping Competition. Other buildings around the Common display art, photography, and crafts created by local folks. The Old Town Hall has displays of baked goods, flowers, and vegetables, all competing for the illusive Blue Ribbon. The Fair culminates in an auction of all perishable exhibits, where even "Aunt Mable's Blue Ribbon-winning blueberry cake" goes to the highest bidder.   — Fay Butler, President

The Hardwick Fair Association is a completely volunteer organization, with 501c3 status. The following booths are operated by volunteers, under the umbrella of the Hardwick Fair, with 100% of the proceeds going to the operation of the Hardwick Fair. Food booth (hot dogs/hamburgers), Wrap Food Booth (cold sandwiches with vegetarian options), Sausage Booth, Ice Cream Booth, Food Wheel, and Merchandise Booth.  The Hardwick Fair thanks you and appreciates your patronage to these booths, which along with outside donations, are the primary source of income for the operation of this event.

Local Agriculture

Chestnut Farms
404 Turkey Street, Hardwick

Golden Egg Farm
Lucas Road, Hardwick

Hardwick Farmers Market
On the Common, Hardwick

Hardwick Sugar Shack
572 Jackson Road, Hardwick

Hardwick Vineyard & Winery
3305 Greenwich Road, Hardwick

Robinson Farm
42 Jackson Road, Hardwick

Still Life Farm
Old Petersham Road, Hardwick

Hardwick Farmers Co-op
44 Lower Road, Hardwick

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